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Specialized hardware is extremely efficient, and boast far more hash power, and thus security, per unit of electricity. They’re more reliable than home-built GPU miners, and allow miners to specialize, professionalize, and scale up. Additionally, ASICs are algorithm-specific, and could align miner incentives better with a specific project compared to GPUs, which are much more flexible. In a political vacuum, an ASIC-mined network is more efficient at processing blocks, plain and simple, and arguably more expensive to attack.


We decided just to embrace the ASICs, since they're here to stay and aren't going anywhere. On top of that, going through hard forks every few months just to combat them seems pointless and messy. So no, Pirate is not ASIC resistant.

With the sapling ceremony, there is really no issue with the trusted setup.

Read more on "Powers of Tau Ceremony" here:

- https://www.zfnd.org/blog/conclusion-of-powers-of-tau/
- https://www.coindesk.com/zcash-team-completes-powers-of-tau-ceremony-for-upcoming-hard-fork

There is little to no compromise on anonymity. There is a small amount of metadata leakage to the insight server. The insight server will know the IP address associated with wallet transactions, based on the witnesses requested by the wallet. However, using a VPN would protect the user against that leakage.

"Even if 1 septillion ARRR existed, "the answer is that a cryptographic hash is used to publish a commitment to each created note, and the zero-knowledge proof ensures that for each JoinSplit transfer, the total amount specified in these commitments..."(plus the transparent output) matches the total amount spent from the inputs. The enforcement that the plaintext of notes is correct is done only when they are decrypted. In short, even if you make them in "secret" you cannot spend them because the numbers don't match and no one will accept the transaction." - ComputerGenie


"Pirate supply integrity is based on the coinbases mined and then reliance on sapling z -> z transactions not allowing to double spend or create new coins" - jl777

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